Samuel Sutch

Technology Leader and Generalist


Welcome! You've reached my personal page where I hope to describe who I am and what makes me tick.

For the past 15 years I've focused on bringing life-changing mobile experiences to people through my extensive programming experience and leadership skills. Most recently I've been focused on defining products and building world-class teams as the CTO of various companies.

Recent Projects

Bread AG

CTO September 2015-Current

Bread AG (formerlly breadwallet LLC) is a cryptocurrency startup. As CTO, I am responsible for carrying out the product vision for the company.

  • Building out the engineering team. Currently 9 strong
  • Defining and executing the technolgy roadmap
  • Providing useful business metrics and telemetry data
  • Manage security for 100s of millions of dollars of bitcoin

As the first senior engineer at the company, I was tasked with defining our technology stack for years to come. For Bread's infrastructure I chose a swarm of microservices written in Go and hosted on GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine). For our frontend technolgy I managed the development of iOS and Android native apps, and created an in-house HTML5 platform which dramatically improved our turn around time for high-iteration products like our exchange product.

  • Built out a HTML5 platform that allows for live app updates
  • Stable and secure backend infrastructure with 9-second deploys to production
  • Fast developer on-boarding, everyone makes a commit their first day

Making Friends Inc.

Co-Founder, CTO March 2013-September 2015

Acqui-hired in 2015

Making Friends' mission was to dramatically improve the quality and effectiveness of autism care services. We started in 2013 with an iPad game focused on teaching social skills to kids on the medium-high autistic spectrum. In 2014 we pivoted into a patient management platform as we learned more about the space. In 2015 our staff and product was acquired by Nightingale.

  • Lead development of mobile iPad game
  • Created highly configurable patient management platform with dynamic content types, governed by a dynamic roles and permissions system
  • Majority investor, providing funding for development, business, marketing, and legal

Lightt Inc

Co-Founder, CTO May 2011-March 2013

Acquired by Mitu in 2014

Lightt began as the manifestation of my desire to create a moving, daily portrait of mine and my friends life. In a way, it is sort of the ancestor to Snapchat and Instagram Stories. It was a video capture and consuption application that allowed you to capture short segments that became part of an infite timeline you could jump into at any time.

It was acquired in 2014 and shuttered in 2015. You can still see videos of it youtube.

  • Product creation and vision from the beginning
  • Raised a $1M seed round on MVP
  • Built an engineering and product team
  • Flawless day-1 launch with hundreds-of-thousands of downloads

Steamboat Labs LLC

Founder, CEO May 2009-June 2016

Steamboat Labs is a technology botique specializing in building MVP products for entrepreneurs. We've built companies that started as sketches on bar napkins as well as provided mission-critical technology for Fortune 50 companies, and nearly everything in-between.

  • Booked over US $1M/yr in business
  • Notable clients include Intel, Microsoft, and Google, among many others
  • Defining product, and hiring teams for startups
  • Built MVPs for many well-known products and companies

Yammer Inc.

Lead Mobile Engineer May 2010-June 2011

Acquired by Microsoft in 2012

Yammer is a workplace communication platform that has been described as a private Facebook for your company. I joined at a time when they had no mobile team or vision to speak of. In a few months time, I designed and created their iPhone app and soon after the iPad app. These became the basis for the apps developed by the Android team which I also lead.

  • Designed and developed iPhone app in 3 months
  • 2 months later delivered an iPad app
  • Built iOS and Android development teams

Available For

Though I am currently the CTO of Bread, I am enthusiastic to help young companies and entrepreneurs get their businesses started. I am also available for speaking engagements and training in engineering and business leadership.